Assopigliatutto ( Grabber)

Grabber (or Assopigliatutto) is a "SCOPA" version very diffuse in south of Italy. The rules and scores are the same as "SCOPA" but here one ace (Grabber ace) gets all the cards on the table and scores a Scopa.
You can choice among three types of games: one game, 11 points game and 21 points game. The game will continue if it finished as a draw.
At the beginning the player that shuffles the cards puts 4 uncovered cards on the table. Then he deals 3 covered cards at a time. The other player starts the game.
The game consists in winning the greater number of cards observing these rules:
-when on the table there is a card of the same value then is compulsory to take that card.
-you can pick up the cards whose sum equals the value of playing one. For example if you choice a 7 card then you can take the cards of the table whose sum is 7 (6+1 or 5+2 and so on). To choice the cards on the table you must select them clicking on each. To deselect them you can click again.
-each time you take away all cards on the table you make a "scopa" , the card that achieves this result (the "scopa") will be pointed out uncovered on the right side of just won pack of cards. For each "scopa" you have one point.
In the 3.0 version two 'brazen-faced' animated characters, very mickey-taker, are inserted to make the game more amusing.