"Family play". It's an excellent amusing exercise for a children and adult competition.

MUltimediaSTOre version of the game suggests three menu selectable options: the first one uses 80 square cards, every with a picture on a side, i.e. 40 couples of pictures, the second one uses 48 cards, i.e. 24 couples of pictures, the third one uses 20 cards, i.e. 10 couples of pictures. The pictures can be flowers, animals, geometric drawings and so on.
The cards are displayed covered on the table.
Every player, at his turn, uncovers two cards and, if he finds a couple of them, takes 2 cards: in such a case he continues uncovering 2 other cards. If the uncovered cards are not equals it are covered again and the player passes the turn. Wins who gathered the higher number of cards when those on the table are finished.
Shrewd and cunning in the in mechanism, Homely Memory enhances the visual memory capability, but you can play it with astuteness and sagacity in order not to favour the contraries, uncovering too many cards. The first moves are "gropingly moves", but then you must remember the sorted cards and their positions.
Last improved ver 2.2





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