NetScopa   ver 3.1

The most famous italian card game allover the world to play on LAN or via Modem.

Net_Scopa is one of the new multimedia card-games of the series.
You can play having your Computer as opponent,  or another player on local network, or connecting via modem to friends in remote resorts.
The connection uses the phone-numbers. It doesn.t work on Internet.
Visit the  Scopa page in this site for rules.
This program allows you to  connect to other player and start a game even if the two programs are  not  registered.
So it's possible to evaluate the compatibility of two operative systems.
When a program is not jet registered the game will break off after a preset time.
So it is suitable to previously test the programs and then register it.




In the  3.1 new version of this game some improvements were brought out. More complete list management of linking Computers.



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