Pinnacolo for 4 Players

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The arrangements of the Pinnacolo are:
Tris - 3 cards - the same value - different suit
Scala - 3 or more cards - the same suit in sequential order
Poker - 4 cards - the same value- different suit
Pinnacolo - a Straight or 7 or more cards - the same suit
Pinnacolone - A Straight of 14 cards - the same suit- from Ace to Ace
The cards and arrangements have a different points value
from 2 to 5 - 5 points
from 6 to King - 10 points
Ace - 15 points
Poker from 2 to 5 - 40 points
Poker from 6 to King - 80 points
Poker of Aces - 120 points
Pinnacolo - the double of total value of the cards
Pinnacolone - 600 points

The Pinnacolo is played with 2 packs of french cards, in opposite couples. The dealer deals 13 covered cards for each player. The remainder of the pack is placed in the center and the first card of the well is uncovered. Each player, in turn, must draw a card from the pack or the well, insert it between those in his hand, play if it's possible, one or more arrangements and then discard an uncovered card in the well. Each player must make arrangements to play on the table or to tie to the arrangements just played by himself or by his partner so to free himself from the cards. The target of the game is to get the top score through cards and highest value of the arrangements.

If a player has in his hand one or more arrangements, he can close at the first hand as well. The hand is over when a player closes, i.e. he has no more cards in his hand. He must count his and partner card points and subtract card points the partner has in his hand.

Also a player can close 'in his hand', making 13 cards such arrangements to play all in one go. If a player close 'in his hand' he doubles the points of the cards he played on the table and get further 200 points. If his partner opened, he doubles his card points on the table, he will have to pay a penalty of 200 points if he didn't. Will wins the game who first will reach 1500 points.

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This program allows you to play on your computer, with two french paks of cards, a classic card game with four players. Three of them are virtual ones. Their logic of playing resembles the normal human behavior of a good player.
You must close. Tris, Poker, Straight, Pinnacolo and Pinnacolone are the arrangements of cards for win.
Active release ver. 3.0
The next releases of this program, totally free for registered users, will take in account specific hints of the customers.

Pinnacolox2    -    Pinnacolo for 2 Players

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Pinnacolo for two. The version with two players: you and Computer.
Last Ver. 3-3


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