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napoletane francesi genovesi romagnole milanesi siciliane bresciane piacentine

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sarde toscane trevisane triestine bergamasche piemontesi trentine  


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This program simulates the presence of 3 other players over you. His peculiarity is the attribution of different characteristics to each of them. So it's possible to find, after some time and looking statistics up, who is the ideal partner for you.
In the classic Scopone Scientifico there are 4 uncovered cards on the table at the beginning. No cards on the table is a variation very appreciated by many fans owing to greater uncertainty in the initial stage of the game, that often produces attractive developments in the course of the game.

The basic rules are the SCOPA ones, except for the score set at 11 points.
The origin of the game is very ancient. At the beginning were the comparatively more cultured classes to play this game. In time it spread on popular level.
The codification of rules are ascribed to Chitarrella. He lived in XVIII century. Maybe he was a Neapolitan priest or a Dominician frier. In1750 he wrote a treatise in which he codified Scopone, Mediatore and Tressette rules.You can choice among neapolitan, genoese  or 'french' cards. With genoese and french cards the diamond suit plays the same role as 'denari' suit.
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