Technical support 

Find some of the main questions about computer system requirements or any other concerning MUltimediaSTOre products..
If you do not find a specific question please contact us.



The Password doesn't work MUltimediaSTOre software is tested to run in Windows Systems.
To a single installation belongs a Serial number referred to a single Computer.
The related Password belongs to that installation.
So you must control::
  • the name of the installed program
  • the serial number displayed in the registration mask of the game. It must be identical to communicated one.

If this conditions are, when you put in the Password, in your opinion all respected, we suggest to request someone experienced help

I tried to install Scala Quaranta on Windows95 OSR2.1, but it does not work, while correctly working on windows98SE. A message as "Unexpected error" occurs. Is it a known problem ? Scala Quaranta was well tested under Windows98 and Windows 2000/XP systems.
A new release of a game was published. Must I register this new software? No. The password for the game is already valid.
What is the best Screen-Resolution for MUltimediaSTOre games ? The suggested Screen-Resolution is 1280x1024