Tressette a perdere

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napoletane romagnole siciliane bergamasche piacentine

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Tressette a perdere
'Tressette a perdere' is a special version of 'TRESSETTE'. Here the haim is NO points to do. Unlike the standard Tressette, where the players are in opposing couple, in this version any player playies by oneself.

In this program the palyers are four ed uses neapolitan cards, by tradition, with 40 cards. The suits of them are: spade, denari, bastoni, coppe.
The value of the cards is, for each suit, in such an order: 3 , 2, 1, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,.4.
In  Tressette a perdere the value of the cards for score purpose is:
Ace         1 point
3, 2, 10, 9, 8 1/3 point
The Ace of bastoni is a special card and its value is 11 points.
The total score in each game will be 21 points.
The player can't open the hand with bastoni suit, and bastoni ace cannot be playied.
Will lose who first gets 110 points. Who reaches the least score will win.

How to play
The Dealer is the player that deals the cards, 10 cards to each player. In turn will play the player at the right. Th player at the right of the dealer will start the first hand playing a card that fix the suit 'to command'. The othe players must play cards with the same suit. If a player doesn't have that suit will play another card. The highest value of the suit 'to command' will make the trick and the player will start the next hand.

Points calculation
At the end of the game, when a player reaches 110 points, the other players will count the points of own cards taht will be reported in the final results.
To reach 110 points several games are necessary.