Tressette          ver. 5.7                               

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The calls  (Busso, Volo, Stiscio) of the player  are very important factors of the  Tressette since they allow the couple to exchange some useful informations in steering  the game  The most  important one is certainly the  'Busso' owing to immediate effects that it can give. Obviously they are a limit because they are public declarations and thereore known to opponents. The calls are coupled with songs  that resemble the typical sounds of the cards move.
This program can offer good satisfaction to enthusiasts of the game and to inexperienced players a very useful tool for learn its beauty.

English version from this page
This version allows, for unregistered copies,
to complete the first hand.

The "Tressette" requires 4 players, in couples.
Normally they play with neapolitan cards, 40 cards with spade, denari, bastoni and coppe. For each suit the value of the cards decreases as the following:
The referred score value of the cards is the following:
Ace:.............................................1 point
3, 2, King, Horse and Knave :..1/3 point
At last hand:...............................1 point
The dealer is the player that deals the cards, 10 cards for each player. For each hand the turn passes to player on the right.
How to play
The Player on the right of dealer starts the first hand playing a card that fix the prevailing suit. The other players must reply with a same suit card, if they have. If don't, they can play any other one. The highest card of the prevailing suit will win the hand and the player who played it will start the next hand.
These cards arrangements give additional score.
Four 3, Four 2 or Four aces:..................................4 points
Buongioco (Three 3, Three 2 or Three aces):.....3 points
Napoletana (3, 2 and ace of same suit)................3 points
Every Player, if he has, must declare these arrangements, at the end of the first hand, in order to be entitled to related score. If you declare, say, a Napoletana, you must specify the suit of it. As well if you declare three same value cards (i.e. Buongioco), you must specify the lacking suit. A card could be one of the Napoletana and also of another arrangement, for instance you could declare a Napoletana with coppe and four 2 (7 points in total)
On the starting of an hand some call-declarations are allowed:
Busso (i.e. knock). A Player asks the partner for highest value of same suit card and then return with same suit one. (really the player knocks on the table)
Volo (i.e. fling). The card is flung on the table to say 'no more same suit cards'.
Striscio (i.e. creep) A Player tells he has at least another same suit card beyond that played.
The Score
The total of points in the pack are 11 + 2/3, but the fractions of points are not considered.
So the total of the scores in a single game is 11 (Obviously the declaration-points must be added)
The Couple who achieves 21 points will win the game. Generally several steps are necessary to reach 21 points.